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Oz Lotto details & rules

The Oz Lotto is one of the most popular lotteries in Australia. The largest Oz Lotto Jackpot was an incredible A$112M.

Unlike the Powerball, all balls in Oz Lotto are drawn from a single barrel. The first 7 are the main numbers and the next 2 are the supplementary numbers.

The barrel contains balls ranging from 1 to 45.

In Australia, we have access to a range of System entries in addition to standard entries. You can read more about System and Pick entries, their probability and other statistics here.

Each Division has a percentage of the total prize pool allocated, and is shared amongst all winners of the division.

The table below lists the odds of winning, the percentage allocated to each division, the current Jackpot amount, the average dividends over the last 10 games for divisions 2 and lower and the average of winners for each division over the last 10 games.

Oz Lotto Division and Dividends
Match Odds (1 in..) Pool Distribution Average Dividends Average Winners
7 Numbers 45,379,620 40% Jackpot! currently $3,000,000 0.40
6 Numbers + 1 Supp 3,241,401 1.7% $50,949.94 7.20
6 Numbers 180,078 3.5% $4,922.66 81.30
5 Numbers + 1 Supp 29,602 1.8% $385.54 768.10
5 Numbers 3,430 2.1% $53.50 4,434
4 Numbers 154 24% $25.98 112,918.10
3 Numbers + 1 Supp 87 26.9% $15.67 298,501

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